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Elixir Cover Image

His country is shattered. His city is dying. Clay Foster is fighting a losing battle against the dark tide that threatens to engulf Brooklyn. Science stopped the rising of the ocean waters at seven meters, but it has found no answer for Elixir. The drug has infiltrated every stratum of society.

Terry is dead. At first he believed his wife’s death was an accident, but then he found the hair. The photo. The rearranged office. Who searched his home and hurled his wife from the balcony? What were they looking for, and what happened to her SynchDrive full of data?

To gain answers, he’ll visit the flooded, lawless slum of Red Hook, the dangerous ganglands of Crown Heights, the ruined hellscape of Union City, and the shining walled fortress of Manhattan.

In the process, he’ll stumble into a conspiracy that stretches far beyond the murder of one woman to touch countless millions in New York and beyond. At its end, Terry’s assassin awaits.

eBook - $2.99

Print - $9.99

Praise for Elixir

"Objectively better than Dan Brown!"

Charles Randall / Game Developer

"Well, I was up until 4 AM reading Elixir last night, so … thanks?"

Jonathan Stark / Consultant

"I thought it was great! I have read completely horrendous books before. Yours was excellent!!! Seriously!"

– Leslie Buecheler / Mom