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Short Stories

While the vast majority of my output is longform, I do occasionally produce short fiction. Here are some examples.


Erinyes Cover Image

Molly Thompson is a recovering heroin addict who just wants to graduate from high school and attend NYU. When her best friend is hurt by a hulking classmate, Molly calls in her friends to extract payment in the only currency that matters to them: blood.

Erinyes is a short story set in the same universe as the vampire books in my 2 AM trilogy. It stars Two's friend Molly, and features a few appearances from other familiar characters. It is not recommended that you read this story before finishing the trilogy. You can snag it from the following eBook retailers for the low, low price of 99 cents!


Originally published in Aurora Wolf Literary Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 8 as a Top Five Featured Story. You can read it there for free, and you can also read it here!

By Zombies; Eaten

Originally published in Greatest Uncommon Denominator (GUD) Magazine, Volume 1, Issue 2. You can read it here!