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Welcome to CWB Writing

Hi there,

After many failed attempts to get this site off the ground, I've finally found the time and energy to get this site off the ground! I felt it was time that my writing had its own dedicated spot on the web, rather than existing as a tab on my personal site alongside such exciting information as what basketball team I like to root for.

With that in mind, I intend to update this site semi-regularly with writing news, thoughts, tips, info, etc. At the very least, it'll get updated every couple of months when I post my bi-monthly writing newsletter, though I should point out that you'll get these at least a week early if you subscribe using the box that is either to your right (on larger screens) or down below (on phones and such).

Currently I'm working on some requested revisions to Piety the Knife (see this update) and starting to think about my next story. Right now I'm kicking around a couple of ideas, one of which is the story of someone who isn't the CHOSEN ONE but hangs out with the CHOSEN ONE, and one of which is about the Late Bronze Age collapse and the mysterious "Sea People" who may've caused it. Maybe I'll merge those two into one thing. Or maybe I'll write something else entirely. You never know until you start putting words on digital paper!