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I'm back!

Sorry for the missing the July update. It turns out when you lose your job with five days' notice (and three of those are a long weekend), you kind of go into scramble mode, and your hobbies and/or semi-professional work have to go on hold while you look for, find, interview for, accept, and start at a new job. Especially when you add a preexisting trip to France, getting COVID for the first time after two and a half years, and being the Best Man in a wedding into the mix!

So, I've been busy. Which means a short update this month … but that's okay! Let's jump in.

The Unending Agent Search

So, I talked extensively about the agent search and how it works in the last newsletter. Not gonna rehash that here, but I will go over the major thing happening right now: I've had an agent request revisions on my latest book, Piety the Knife. I meant to make them over the last two or three months but, well, the first paragraph of this email happened!

But now I'm a bit more back in the saddle. I'm once again going over all of the notes (the agent's and my own) and preparing to take a stab at a third draft of the book. I have no idea how long it's going to take me to round it into shape, and I have a lot of other stuff going on in my life right now, but with summer winding down I'm hoping to find enough time to hack away at it. So, let's see where we are in two months. Hopefully much further along than reading notes!

I'm also kicking around ideas for two new books, because of course I am. One of them would be straight historical fiction with no fantasy elements (or very minor ones). The other would be a horror story but with a pretty significant twist that I don't want to discuss just yet. I'm still figuring out how it would work! Probably won't get to either of those this year, but they've definitely been rolling around in my brain while I run, or shower, or am doing stuff like mowing the lawn, which is how my books always start.

New Websiii-heee-iiitte

After literally years of owning, I finally put a website up there! It includes information on all of my books and stories, an occasionally-updated blog, some stuff about me, and so forth. Also it has a light and dark mode and will remember your preference, because what kind of web developer would I be if I didn't offer dark mode in 2022?

Swing by! Check it out! Maybe subscribe to the RSS feed in case I ever post anything there that's not just a duplicate of this newsletter! Exclamation points!

And … that's really about it for this month. See you in November!


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